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  • Recently, there are GA Real estate exam for sales agent license will test you on Federal Real estate law in total 100 national questions. The State portion of the Georgia Real Estate Exam will have 52 state specific questions. This is why we always advise to use our Georgia State Exam bank and National Bank Questions. It works better than taking a prep course. Visit us at
  • No, The Georgia salesperson Real estate exam can only be taken at a Testing Center. The list of the Testing Centers can be found here. The exam is via an online software on the computers at the Testing Center. You will show up to the testing center and be assigned a Computer. That computer will have the exam ready and all you need to do is Click on "Begin" . Once you are donn , you will click on submit on you Screen. The proctors/examiners will then print out your score report. You will know if you passed both the State and the National or just one. Yes, alot of people forget that you can actually fail one side of the exam and not get the license. The best way to make sure that this doesn't happen is testing you knowledge separately . By separately, we mean State Specific Exam Questions and then National Specific Exam Questions.
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