Frequently asked questions

What do I get if I buy the National Real Estate Bank

You get 400 Federal Real estate exam question with Detailed explanation and answers. These questions are broken down into 4 sets of exams. These are high quality questions that come from past exams. We are confident that once you study with this exam bank, you will have no issues on your getting your Real Estate license.

Does the National Exam Bank come with the State Portion Questions?

No, it does not.You will need to submit a request form for the Specific state Exam bank. This is sold separately. Please visit the state exam bank page for more info : Please note, alot of the federal concepts are important in understanding the State side concepts. We sugggest that you go through the Federal Exam Bank as well as State Bank.

Do I get access to the Exam Bank for an unlimited amount of time ?

No, You buy time access to the Exam Bank. Our Access time is as follows : National Real Estate Exam Bank : 7 Days : $14.99 1 Month : $34.99 3 Months : $64.99 6 Months : $114.99 State Real Estate Exam Bank : 7 Days : Price Depends on State 1 Month : Price Depends on State 3 Months : Price Depends on State 6 Months : Price Depends on State

Do I get access the instantly on the same day?

Yes, you will reiceve and email with instructions on how to acces your exam dashboard. Make sure you check you email or spam folder.