Can you take the Georgia Real Estate Exam online

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

Depending on what you mean by Online . The answer to the question would be different. Lets make sure give you get the correct answer to this question.

Answer 1

The AMP Exam ( This is the exam you must pass to be able to apply for the LIcense Certificate )

This will be in a Physical Location . You will schedule your exam online and appear in person to the Testing Center.


NO EXCEPTIONs. The Georgia Real Estate exam is Cannot be taken by yourself at Home.

If you are concerned about this and need to prepare ahead in time. you might also ask yourself : Where can I take my Georgia real estate exam We have a list of the Testing Center for Georgia.Unfortunately there aren't many testing centers, This means that if you live far away from any of the testing center, it will be a long commute. Below this Page is a list and current active status, address, and Directions to the testing centers. We hope this helps you on your journey to getting your Georgia Real Estate license.

Answer 2

How the Exam Is Tested

Your question might also mean that you are asking how the exam is taken. Is it by a bubble sheets,pages of papers and so forth ?.

The answer is NO. The exam is via an online software on the computers at the Testing Center. You will show up to the testing center and be assigned a Computer. That computer will have the exam ready and all you need to do is Click on "Begin" . Once you are donn , you will click on submit on you Screen.

The proctors/examiners will then print out your score report. You will know if you passed both the State and the National or just one. Yes, alot of people forget that you can actually fail one side of the exam and not get the license. The best way to make sure that this doesn't happen is testing you knowledge separately . By separately, we mean State Specific Exam Questions and then National Specific Exam Questions.

How to Pass the Georgia Real Estate Exam

This is the ONLY WAY TO APPLY what you read. Use our Exam Bank and skip the Ridiculous prep courses. All you need to lots of practice questions. We have state specific Real Estate Practice Questions as well. .

Where can I take my Georgia Real Estate Exam

For List of Current and Active Testing Centers, view here or see the list below. : Click here to visit our Georgia State Exam Bank and familiarise yourself with the Exam. We have compiled this exam bank from agents who have taken the exam as well as other reputable sources. This is better than paying for Prep Courses.Take our word for it . Read our Reviews here ( Scroll down to bottom page.


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