How to Actually Pass Georgia Real Estate Exam

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

This Method Actually Works! Passing your Georgia Real Estate Exam is Simple. Stop complicating it with Prep Courses. This Method is for Sales Agent exam. This is what you need to do .

Step 1 :

Read the course material & Attend Class. Real the course material that you received from your instructor/school.

1Every GREC (Georgia Real estate commission) endorsed Georgia real estate School should give you a course book. It should be free. This will contain all the major topics. If the real estate school is a good one, they should have a good course book.

In addition, You should listen to the topics as explained by the instructor at the real estate school you choose. If you happen to have a really bad instructor, You are welcome to use our Youtube videos to guide you.We are continuously updating our Georgia Real Estate Exam Series.

For a list of the Approved Real estate schools in Georgia View list here . If you are looking to have a narrow down/shorter list of the Best Real estate school in Georgia, then make sure to check our Blog Posts for Georgia Only here .

Step 2 :

Divide and Conquer :

This is where you will divide up the material into clear important sections . o pass the Georgia Real Estate estate exam, you will have to pass both the National Section and the State Section.If you are feeling too lazy to divide the course material into Important sections, then, we are here to HELP. Use our Free Summary Crash Review Guide via our Blog Episodes or Youtube Videos.

Here is how you should Divide and Conquer

For the National Side and the State Side ( Separately ) Use the Sub topics below for each side.

Georgia Agency Laws - Use our Crash Review Guide for Georgia State Only on Youtube.

Georgia Real Estate License Laws -

Georgia Fair Housing Laws

Georgia Land use Laws

Georgia Tenants and Landlords

Georgia Ownership Rights

Georgia Finance and Programs


You can create your own summary guide by using the Sectioned Topics above. OR you can buy a Crash Review Guide. All the Georgia Real Estate Exam study guide on Amazon are not Great. We bought 4 of them and its pretty bad. The problem is that they all mix together the Federal laws with the State laws. In the end , you will not be sure of how much you know when it comes to each side, especially the state laws. Please check back for our Completed guide. Better yet become a member at . Its FREE to Join !

Step 3

Test Your Knowledge

This is a key part of what we believe is the HiGHER guarantee of you Passing your Georgia Real estate Exam. it is what works. Many people purchase prep courses that promise you a success guarantee. But in reality , you are paying for the Hope of passing. Hoping that a Prep cram course will have a Magic Effect on your understanding of the Georgia Real Estate a recipe for disaster majority of the time. What you should be doing is investing in your capacity to understand Georgia Real Estate Laws. The Exam itself is all about testing how you understand. A very Small percentage is on testing your vocabulary in Real Estate.

Take Action

TAKE as many Practice test as possible :

Practice National Questions Separately from Georgia Specific Exam Bank as well/

Go over to Access to 400 National Specific questions with Detailed Feedback Explanation and 100 Georgia Only Practice Questions starting at $24.99. and a Free Georgia Practice Questions here.

Subscribe to our Channel for Free Study Materials.


Step 4:

That's it. Keep testing knowledge until you feel ready. That's all you need to do. We hope this helps as many people as possible . If you have Questions specifically about Georgia Real Estate Please use ask /post a Question in our Forum . We would love to answer them. Become a member of Its Free to Join.


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