Is Georgia real estate exam hard

is Georgia real estate exam hard

How difficult is the Georgia Real estate exam? This is one of the first questions, a lot of people ask when they are thinking about becoming a real estate agent in. This is actually very understandable. It's a daunting task to start thinking about changing your career. it's okay if you want to make sure that this life-changing career is actually possible. You do not want any surprises. You want to avoid the horrible situation of studying and attending the real estate school, only to realize that no matter what you do, you can't seem to pass the real estate exam.

I was in the same position when I started thinking about changing my career and switching to come to a real estate agent. After being out of school for over 5 years, I sort of doubted myself. I'm here to tell you it's normal to feel like you do not have the mental ability to pass a career-changing exam like a real estate license exam. A lot of factors can play into whether or not be Georgia real estate exam is difficult. Here is our take on the difficulty level of the Georgia real estate license exam :

We rate The Exam level of Difficulty at Challenging . The Exam is a Scenario Based, Meaning instead of asking you “What does BRETTA stand for ?". It would rather ask You: “ An agent met an eager home seller, according to brreta When can the agent sign on this client”.

You see, it's not about memorizing the definitions, it's about understanding and applying it in different situations. This is why we created the 3 Step Method for Actually Passing the Georgia Real Estate exam. Go to our post on it.There should be a link to the detailed youtube video as well.

Passing the easy can be very easy if you have a plan of action. Use our 3 Step Method


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