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Our Top KEYWORDS AND CONCEPTS For the Real Estate Exam.

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

These keywords apply to both National and State Real Estate Exam . However, every state has certain keyword topics that repeat themselves over and over again every year. If you are looking for Top Keywords for your state as well , then we suggest you become a member of continue your research.

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Top Keywords in Alphabetical Order

Abatement - a reduction in property taxes; must file taxes before requesting

Abstract of Title - a condensed history of legal title, summarizing all instruments in chain of ownership; provided by lender's

attorney and paid by borrower

Abutting - neighboring land with a common boundary

Acceleration Clause – a clause in note protecting lender; upon default, balance of debt becomes due immediately instead of

maturity date; prelude to foreclosure

Acceptance - indication by signature of offeree that he is willing to be bound by terms of offer from offeror

Accretion – increase of property by gradual natural additions, as of land by alluvion

Acknowledgement - an act of executing a legal instrument such as a deed, mortgage or discharge before a lawyer or other officer

of state such as a notary public; this act declares signing to be free and voluntary; this is necessary before recording at registry

Acre - 43,560 square feet

Ad Valorem - tax assessment based on actual value

Adverse possession: occupant's right to acquire legal title to private property held by title holder by deed if occupant holds land

openly, notoriously, adversely and without permission for 20 years; also known as squatter's rights.

Air rights - ownership or lease of air space over a specific parcel of realty, such as a building over a turnpike

Alluvion – increasing of land area along a shore by deposited alluvium or by the recession of water

Alluvium – clay, silt, sand, gravel, or similar detrital material deposited by running water

Amenities - features of property making it desirable and thus adding value, such as scenic views, convenient shopping, etc.

Amortization - paying indebtedness by equal and periodic payments; each payment is equal but ratio of principal and interest

changes with an increasingly larger portion credited to reducing debt

Appraisal - an estimate of value

Appreciation - increase in value resulting from market forces such as demand stronger than supply

Appurtenance - a right belonging to and passing with a property such as having a right of way through adjoining property

Assets - all real and personal property one owns; assets minus liabilities such as mortgages, equal net worth (equity) transfer of

title or interest in writing; assignor gives and assignee receives

Associate broker - a broker who chooses to work as a salesperson for another broker (the employing broker)

released and in event of foreclosure and deficiency, mortgagee can look to either original mortgagor or new grantee or both

Attachment - a writ issued, beginning or during a legal action commanding sheriff to attach (“seize”) property, rights and effects of

defendant to satisfy possible credit demands of plaintiff if judgment comes out in plaintiff’s favor

Balloon mortgage - principal loan amount paid off in lump sum at end of term as opposed to amortized direct reduction method

Benchmark - mark on stone or cement permanently fixed to ground; used as measuring point by surveyors

Betterments - improvements adding to value of realty, done by local government and paid for by gainers of value; sidewalks,

streets, etc. Results in a special assessment

Bilateral contract - one person’s promise in exchange for another person’s promise such as purchase and sale agreement

Bill of sale - a written instrument that is the evidence of transfer of one person’s right in personal property to another

Binder - deposit or earnest money given as evidence of good faith by buyer to secure property until sale is consummated; it can

also refer to a temporary memorandum outline a real estate deal, similar to a letter of intent.

Blanket mortgage - a single mortgage instrument securing more than one parcel of property as security for the loan

Blockbusting - employing fear tactics to induce panic selling or panic peddling in a neighborhood: illegal

Bona fide - in good faith and without fraud

Bond - guarantee by third party that it will make good any loss, up to a certain amount, incurred by a party dealing with a broker

not acting in good faith; bonding company is Surety and obligor and State is oblige. Broker bond is made payable to State

Bundle of rights - all rights that go with ownership of realty

Capital expenditures - investments of cash for improvements to remain competitive in a business

Capitalization - process of computing current value from expected future income by dividing annual net income by selected rate of

return desired for that type of property; the cap rate

Capitalization rate - Profit expressed as a percentage that an investor expects from an investment on a yearly basis.