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Command And Conquer Generals Game.dat Crack (Updated 2022)




I also noticed that a newer version is out for this game if you try to use the existing version and find it doesnt work it will not. Enemy sound bug - try to avoid going to the "confirm" screen! You can play any map but the "postgame" screen. I just started playing this. And the fact that the enemy's dialogue is missing is pretty weird. For example, at the countermeasure screen you start the button that says "Button A," but no dialogue. That's really weird and definitely an annoyance. Trying to deploy the enemy's naval forces at all costs For one of the battles, I was trying to deploy a lot of ships at once in an attempt to wipe out all the Allied (Axis) forces on the map, leaving only a couple of the Axis forces to try to invade France (eventually). Of course, in order to do that I had to move a lot of the Italian army to the right spot. And in doing so, the Italian army just vanished. This is one of the big problems with this game; the number of Axis units on the map seem to fluctuate wildly. You might have lots of tanks, plenty of planes and a whole lot of infantry, and then suddenly you have no tanks, no planes and just a bunch of infantry. So that's my problem; when I get it working right, the AI is bad, and when it's good, it's too good! I really hope that fix comes soon, because I'm having a lot of fun playing this, but this bug is hindering my ability to enjoy the game at all. On another note, the faction selection screen seems to be randomly changing when I select a new option. It's always changing for me. So this issue is also a bit bothersome. I was playing the CD in a high-end cabinet - with a 7.1 Dolby Digital surround-sound system. I know this is a Windows game and not a Direct Sound game, but that shouldn't matter, because I was told it's supposed to run in any high-end system. I was surprised by how well it sounds in a high-end system. I thought that maybe the game is just being "normalized" a bit, but I was actually quite pleased with the sound quality. It seemed to me as if every speaker in the room was being used to its fullest. That's definitely not what I expected. When




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Command And Conquer Generals Game.dat Crack (Updated 2022)

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